The treadmill is probably the most common piece of large fitness equipment in existence. It seems really quite logical to try and simulate the most common aspect of a human being’s movement about the earth. Because of all this, the treadmill has become perhaps the most finely tuned piece of exercise equipment the world has ever known. It wasn’t even that long ago that heart rate monitoring equipment was fitted onto some of the more expensive electricity driven models. The idea of creating little motors to simulate inclines was another monumental addition to treadmills, comparable to the little blue bristles in tooth brushes that turn white when you need a new one.


So why then are there so many different models out there? You would think that in an industry as old as this one with so many products that are essentially the same, one company would rise to the top as having the paramount product and dwarf the rest. No, it seems that for every treadmill in the world, a different company manufactured it. So, how in the world does one go about purchasing a new treadmill?

Personally, the treadmill I bought was the reason and motivation I needed to get myself exercising every day. I ended up buying a NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i thanks to numerous, really quite helpful information fromĀ The treadmill sits in my mini-basement alongside a 20″ widescreen computer monitor I now use for watching television whist working out. The treadmill was by no means a “cheap” acquisition so the price motivates me enough to use the thing daily. It also gives me a great excuse to escape from life and kids and get some alone time inside my head downstairs. I really enjoy hitting the treadmill almost every day but I’ll admit that I do need to go for runs outside at least once a week as well. As much as I do love my treadmill, I feel it would be a shame to waste all the natural beauty that surrounds me.

Anyways, work is over and I’m feeling a little sluggish so I’m going to head down to the mini-basement and give the new treadmill a good forty-five minute run.