Finally Decided on Which Treadmill to Buy

The treadmill is probably the most common piece of large fitness equipment in existence. It seems really quite logical to try and simulate the most common aspect of a human being’s movement about the earth. Because of all this, the treadmill has become perhaps the most finely tuned piece of exercise equipment the world has ever known. It wasn’t even that long ago that heart rate monitoring equipment was fitted onto some of the more expensive electricity driven models. The idea of creating little motors to simulate inclines was another monumental addition to treadmills, comparable to the little blue bristles in tooth brushes that turn white when you need a new one.

Excercise as an Antidepressant

I was really stressed yesterday. I guess the fact is that life has really been getting the best of me these past few days and it all seems very overwhelming, to the point where I feel nauseous. I didn’t even do anything today. Most of my time was spent browsing pages on the Internet or with my head in my hands. In front of me sits a list of 27 things that I either wanted or needed to do, but not one of them has been crossed off yet.